Thought Leader Dialogue

Advancing Integrated Mental Health and Education Research

The Center for School Mental Health, in collaboration with the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, co-hosted a meeting in Charleston, South Carolina (September 21, 2011) with participation from mental health and education researchers, education leaders, and federal and private foundation funders. The purpose of the meeting was to identify action steps to promote a coordinated research agenda that a) encourages collaboration between education and child emotional/behavioral health stakeholders, and b) supports the application of emotional/behavioral health and education research findings to educational practice.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Proceedings


Standing are Sharon Stephan, Marc Atkins, Olga Price


Steve Evans, Julie Owens, Paul Flaspohler, Kayla Jackson, Evelyn Frankford


Kayla Jackson, Evelyn Frankford, Roger Weissberg, Lynda Frost, Eric Bruns


Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Nancy Lever, Dorrell Green, Victor Young


Victor Young, Lucille Eber, Mark Weist, Brad Stein, Emily Dolittle, Cheryl Vince Whitman


Eric Bruns, John Riley, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Carl Paternite