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Funding & Sustainability

How to Access SHAPE Resources

  1. Register or join a school or district account. Anyone who is part of a school or district account can “add new team members”.
  2. Complete the School Mental Health Profile with your team. TIP: Do as much as you can. Not all questions are required and you can return and update at any time!
  3. On the “System Performance” tab, select “Quality” or “Sustainability” and scroll down to the “Resource Center”. Use the filter bar to sort resources by domain.

Comprehensive school mental health system sustainability includes the financial and non-financial dimensions of maintaining or supporting a self-sustaining system over time, in which its operational structure and capacity is sound and can evolve and adapt to match the changing needs of students, families, schools, communities, and other systems in their context.

Funding and Sustainability Resources

Use SHAPE to assess your district or school funding and sustainability.

The School Mental Health Sustainability Assessment Survey includes five sustainability performance domains:

  1. Funding and Resources
  2. Resource Utilization
  3. System Quality
  4. Documentation and Reporting of Impact
  5. System Marketing and Promotion

Each domain on The SHAPE System has a corresponding Sustainability Guide and numerous additional resources to help schools, districts and states advance their school mental health quality and sustainability. The Sustainability Guide: Funding and Resources can be found here.

Link to community-partnered SBH modules at

Module #2: Funding, Resource Mapping, and Teaming

This module examines funding for community-partnered school behavioral health, the practice of resource mapping, and how to best assemble a school behavioral health team, both inside schools and among community partners.

In Chapter 1, Dr. Lever presents Funding Community-Partnered School Behavior Health. Dr. Lever describes and gives examples of available school, local, state, and federal funding mechanisms, provides ways in which programs can leverage funding, and best practice funding considerations.

Accessing Funds for School-Based Medicaid Services