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Briefs/Reports/White Papers


As a part of the National Quality Initiative, funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, CSMH is creating a series of Playbooks on school mental health performance measure domains. The CSMH is grateful for the support of the 25 school districts who participated in the School Health Services Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) and contributed to the development of these guides. We will continue to update this section as new guides are released. In the meantime, visit for information about all 12 comprehensive school mental health national performance measure domains.

State of School Mental Health Briefing

Prepared for Expert Panel on School Mental Health Meeting
September 7, 2017

State of School Mental Health Brief

Issue Briefs 

Issue briefs provide stakeholders with user-friendly information on critical themes in school mental health. 

Policy Briefs

The CSMH is committed to enhancing the lives of our nation's youth by strengthening the policies and programs that relate to school mental health. The CSMH develops policy briefs to provide legislation updates that affects SMH.

  • Understanding Bullying Policies in Schools
    This CSMH document provides an overview of local, state, and national anti-bullying legislation. Key elements of successfully implemented state and local anti-bullying laws can guide schools as they work towards reducing and preventing the bullying. Recommendations for what schools can do are provided.
  • Health Care Reform: What School Mental Health Professionals Need to Know 
    This CSMH policy brief provides an overview of health care reform and the implications for school mental health. The brief highlights important changes to health care under the Affordable Care Act and its potential impact on mental health services for children and families. There is also a list of helpful resources and websites related to health care reform.

White Papers/Reports

In response to Maryland House Bill 639, Task Force on Community-Partnered School Behavioral Health, the Maryland legislature requested that the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) study and make recommendations to advance school behavioral health in the State. The Center for School Mental Health worked closely with DHMH, the Maryland State Department of Education, and the Maryland School Behavioral Health Coalition to address this request and to develop a report on the current state of Community-Partnered School Behavioral Health (CP-SBH). The following components were included in the report:

  • Prevalence of CP-SBH programs in the State of Maryland
  • Effectiveness of CP-SBH programs across the State and the nation
  • Fiscally sustainable models of CP-SBH
  • Practical and empirically-supported recommendations for advancing CP-SBH in Maryland 

Read the report.