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Promoting School Safety - Emotional and Behavioral Health Initiative (PSS-EBHI)


Project Staff

  • Rachel Siegal, Clinical Research Assistant



U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Comprehensive School Safety Initiative- "Developing Knowledge about What Works to Make Schools Safe" 

Length of Award

3 years, starting 1/1/2015

Project Partners

Baltimore County Public Schools


Baltimore County Public Schools is partnering with the Center for School Mental Health to conduct a randomized controlled trial of the impact of the Comprehensive Emotional and Behavioral Health Crisis Response and Prevention Intervention (EBH-CRP) on school safety. The EBH-CRP intervention is a comprehensive training, organization and support protocol for schools and communities to strengthen their ability to serve students' mental health needs. The services included in the EBH-CRP intervention will include universal prevention, early identification, assessment and service linkage, crisis response and post crisis relapse prevention. CSMH is the research partner for this trial and will evaluate the impact of this large scale, multi-faceted mental health focused intervention on school safety outcomes.


For more information about this project, please contact Jill Bohnenkamp