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Maryland Healthy Transitions (MD-HT)

Project Staff

  • Dr. Sharon Stephan, Project Director, Co-Principal Investigator  
  • Dr. Eric Slade, Economist  
  • Katie Shannahan, Project Coordinator
  • Michael Tager, Project Coordinator


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Length of Award

5 years, starting 9/1/2014


Maryland Healthy Transitions (MD-HT) is a program designed to serve transition-age youth (TAY) ages 16-25. TAY are at an especially high risk for emotional and behavioral disorders; nearly one in four young adults has a current mental illness. However, most TAY with mental and behavioral health issues do not receive treatment. The goals of MD-HT are to:

  • Raise awareness of mental health challenges faced by TAY;
  • Increase early identification of mental health conditions among TAY; and
  • Provide services and supports to meet the needs of TAY as they transition into adulthood.

MD-HT will serve TAY and their families in Howard County and in the Southern Maryland Tri-County region of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties. MD-HT was developed in partnership with Howard County, the Southern Maryland Tri-County region, youth and family consumers, local and state agencies, and other stakeholders. MD-HT focuses on three specific populations, as follows:

  • TAY, ages 16-25, who have a serious mental health condition (SMHC);
  • TAY who are at risk of developing an SMHC; and
  • The general population who could benefit from increased awareness and education.

This effort builds upon significant progress made during the previous SAMHSA Healthy Transitions Initiative, and adds the following components:

  • Evaluating the role of Medicaid expansion and health care reform in reimbursing transition services
  • Education and outreach activities to support a public health approach aimed at early identification of TAY with serious mental health conditions (SMHC)
  • Refinement and expansion of state training and evaluation infrastructure to support the dissemination of evidence-based treatment for TAY and assessment of outcomes
  • Improving access to quality behavioral health services for TAY and decreasing health disparities
  • Integrating approaches to financing and delivering behavioral health treatment services for youth and young adults


For more information about MD-HT, please contact the MD-HT Project Coordinator, Katie Shannahan