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Project Staff


Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), Division of Child, Adolescent and Family Health, Adolescent Health Branch

Length of Award

4 years, starting 9/1/2014


Access to and quality of school-based health services can vary greatly at all local and state levels across America, with many youth unable to access high quality services. Two national leaders in school health, The School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) and CSMH, will establish and facilitate two Collaboratve Improvement & Innovation Networks (CoIINs) to support SBHCs, CSMHPs, districts, and states to adopt and implement best practices, policies, and financing strategies that support and expand the numbers of quality, sustainable school health programs. Specific goals include:

GOAL 1: Improve the quality of SBHCs and CSMHPs nationwide.


  1. develop a voluntary national SBHS performance measurement system;
  2. collect data on national performance measures;
  3. develop and implement a CoIIN to support quality improvement;
  4. measure improvement using CoIIN-designated metric objectives; and
  5. develop and implement a dissemination plan to scale up a national quality improvement agenda for SBHS.

GOAL 2: Expand the number and improve the sustainability SBHCs and CSMHPs through the spread of innovative and practical policy and finance approaches in order to increase the numbers of SBHCs and CSMHPS by 30% in four years.


  1. develop sustainability CoIIN and measure improvement using CoIIN metrics;
  2. develop resources on leveraging funding to support development and sustainability of SBHCs and CSMHPs;
  3. develop and implement strategies for local communities to increase  numbers of SBHCs and CSMHPs;
  4. provide technical assistance to states, communities, and organizations;
  5. work collaboratively with other organizations funded by federal agencies that address school health and safety or mental health of students; and
  6. develop and implement a dissemination plan to scale up a national agenda for sustainable SBHS.

Click here to view our Request for Proposals for a State School Mental Health Technical Assistance Opportunity.


For more information about the CoIIN-SBHS, please contact the CoIIN-SBHS Project Manager,