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Seth Bernstein

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Jordan Burnham is a public speaker who discusses mental health disorders that affect so many of us. He shares his story of struggling with depression, hiding his internal pain, and attempting to take his own life during high school. Jordan's miraculous survival propelled him to begin to deal with his depression and learn healthier coping mechanisms. Jordan began to find emotional wellness through counseling, and a strong support system. Now, Jordan's program educates students about depression, suicide, and coping mechanisms for young adults. Jordan has been featured in major Philadelphia print and broadcast news, appeared on CNN, Dr. Phil, and addressed a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill. He has been featured in three documentaries, including one titled No, Kidding Me Too! Which was directed by Emmy winning actor Joey Pantoliano. Jordan is a Pittsburgh native and studied communications at Montgomery County Community College in Philadelphia. Jordan has been speaking on his story and mental health all over the country and has been inspiring to audiences of all ages. His brave and relatable presentation encourages students and informs them that talking about whatever they are going through is a sign of remarkable strength.