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Nollie P. Wood, Jr.

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Dr. Nollie P. Wood, Jr. is a psychiatric epidemiologist who is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for School Mental Health Analysis and Action. Dr. Wood is currently Executive Director of the Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities in Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, he chairs the Johns Hopkins Hospital’s East Baltimore Mental Health Partnership Board (child school, community, and outpatient mental health services) and is an Adjunct faculty member of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of Mental Health. He served as Assistant Commissioner of Human Behavior and Community Psychiatry, Baltimore City Health Department, from 1988-2000, where he oversaw the development of school mental health services and the children’s mental health service system. He has served as a Visiting Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control, Injury Control Division, and as a consultant on mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, violence prevention, injury control, and minority health for many Federal and State agencies.