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Mark Sander

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Mark Sander, Psy.D., LP is the Coordinator for the Minneapolis Expanded School Mental Health program, School Based Mental Health - Building Cultural Connections and Competence.  The program is a collaborative effort between Minneapolis Public Schools, Hennepin County and community mental health providers to support and extend ongoing school-based mental health services.  School Based Mental Health - Building Cultural Connections and Competence seeks to improve access to mental health services for students and families, expand the cultural competence of mental health clinicians and school staff, build family and community connections and interventions, capture lessons learned and disseminate knowledge and best practices at the local, state and national levels.  Dr. Sander provides technical assistance to the Hennepin County School Mental Health Initiative, has presented at the NAMI Minnesota Annual Conference, and currently serves as the facilitator for the Quality and Evidence Based Practice Group in the National Community of Practice on Collaborative School Behavioral Health.