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Resource Center Consortium

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The Resource Center Consortium brings together centers whose missions focus on enhancing the physical and mental health and safety of children and youth. These Centers share concerns for preventing and responding to violence and physical, social, and emotional injury. Target audiences range from the general public to specific grantees.

The intent of the consortium is to increase each other’s impact by:

  • sharing with and learning from each other
  • contributing to each other’s activity (including enhancing capacity for technical assistance and training)
  • promoting efficiency in assisting targeted audiences

Current Participants in the Resource Center Consortium include: 

Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA
Co-Directors: Howard Adelman & Linda Taylor
Coordinator: Perry Nelson  

Center for School Mental Health
Co-Directors: Sharon Hoover Stephan and Nancy Lever  

Children’s Safety Network (CSN), National Injury & Violence Prevention Resource Center
Director: Lloyd Potter
National Outreach: Ellen Schmidt  

Children’s Safety Network (CSN), Economics & Data Analysis Resource Center (EDARC)
Director: Monique Sheppard  

Emergency Medical Services for Children National Resource Center
Director: Jane Ball  

National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center
Director:  Michael Ely 

National MCH Center for Child Death Review
Director: Teri Covington
Coordinator: Sara Rich  

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) at the Education Development Center
Director: Lloyd Potter
Asst. Director: Anara Guard  

Traumatic Brain Injury Technical Assistance Center
Director: Kenneth Currier