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Mental Health Education Integration Consortium (MHEDIC)

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Since 1996, the CSMH has held national conferences on Advancing School Mental Health. In the 2000 conference held in Atlanta, a significant effort was made to reach out to and involve educators in the conference. Since this meeting, this effort has grown considerably. In May, 2002, the center held a critical issues meeting hosted by Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), a membership and advocacy organization for educators in training and at all professional levels. This meeting, titled Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health and Education: Developing an Effective Framework for the Translation of Mental Health into Pre-K through Grade Twelve Classrooms led to a number of recommendations toward better equipping teachers to address mental health concerns and toward integrating education and mental health systems. A number of strategic activities are underway to follow through on the recommendations of this meeting.

Consortium Vision

The vision of MHEDIC is to advance a systematic and growing agenda that promotes the professional preparation of educators and all other school personnel in mental health at all levels (pre-service, graduate, in-service) and the professional preparation of mental health clinicians in understanding and working in educational environments while promoting the integration of education and mental health systems, with school mental health programs as a focal point for such integration.

Consortium Goals

  1. Broadly increase awareness of the critical and central roles of teachers and all other school personnel as promoters of student mental health.
  2. Promote awareness of the role of mental health clinicians as promoters of students’ educational success.
  3. Broadly increase awareness of the substantial associations between student mental health and school success.
  4. Spur the development and growth of promising pre-service, graduate, and in-service professional practice approaches to better equip teachers and school administrators to promote student mental health and to prepare mental health providers to be effective partners in the educational system.
  5. With other local, state and national organizations analyze and breakdown barriers toward the genuine integration of education and mental health systems, guided by the ideas and perspectives of students and families.
  6. Promote education – mental health integration and the funding streams to support these efforts in the pursuit of best practice in school mental health programs offering a full continuum of services including mental health promotion, early intervention, and treatment for youth in both general and special education.

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