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Johanna Bergan

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Johanna Bergan (YMN) is an advocate for youth with lived experience in the mental health system who is now working in the field of youth engagement to promote and encourage the inclusion of youth voice in policy change. Ms. Bergan has nine years of experience advocating for important changes in the mental health system to improve the care options and treatment availability for youth adults with mental health challenges. Her voice has been heard on several national platforms including advising technical assistance and research and training centers which support and promote the value of youth voice. As the Executive Director of Youth MOVE National, Ms. Bergan assists chapters of the Youth MOVE network in creating and promoting successful youth driven organizations working to unite the voices and causes of youth at the local, state, and national level. This work covers a diverse array of expertise areas including youth engagement in systems change, policy, youth adult partnerships, issues specific to transition aged youth, youth leadership, youth driven evaluation, and applying lived-experience as a resource to inform policy and systems change. Ms. Bergan intentionally provides ongoing support, coaching, and mentoring to emerging youth leaders and the leaders of youth driven organization to further strengthen the national youth movement.